White Papers: Strategy

Creating and Refining the Right Plans


          » Winning With Customers:

Establishing a Customer Focused Organization


Growing and retaining your current customers is smart business. Companies that focus on and strive to delight their customers outperform in the marketplace. This may sound obvious, but it frequently gets lost in the daily shuffle of keeping the business going. This paper outlines the characteristics of a Customer Focused Organization and suggests specific techniques to enhance the loyalty of your customers. Success in this endeavor not only helps drive growth with current customers, but it also pays dividends with new customer acquisition efforts.

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People Power

          » People Power:

Building a Profitable Business Through Human-Resource Excellence


Companies strive to differentiate themselves in numerous ways. Some do it through their products, some through their supply chains, and some through their processes and systems. But over time, these advantages can diminish or be copied by competitors. The most effective companies drive an advantage through their people and culture. This paper presents evidence on the importance of a human-resource focus and shares a five-part People Model to help companies select, invest, engage, and retain the right team as well as improve over time by listening to employees.

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          » Designing a Strategy for Growth:

Blueprinting in Six Steps


Thoughtful strategy is a key ingredient for a company’s success. Brands, products, supply chains, human capital – all are important. But strategy is the overarching blueprint that shows how resources should ultimately be invested. This paper answers three questions that can help clarify what strategy is and demonstrates how to put a smart strategy into action through six steps. Strategy is not a hard science, but it is a business art that can help you stand above your competition and achieve your goals in an efficient manner.

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          » Embracing Sustainability:

A Framework for Green Packaging

Sustainability has gone mainstream. Consumers, retailers, and manufacturers are embracing sustainability as a social and business cause. Yet sustainability is a complex topic, and it’s sometimes hard to know the best path to forge. This paper reviews a simple way to put sustainability into the right strategic context at your company, and it outlines a comprehensive menu of sustainability tactics that can be put into effect for packaging. Ultimately, delivering sustainable solutions and delivering excellent business results can go hand in hand with a well-designed roadmap and supportive partners.


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