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          » Shipping Hazardous Materials:

A How-To Guide to Compliance

Hazardous materials are essential to our economy. These materials include everything from paints and batteries to explosives and caustic chemicals to infectious substances. Even some of the cosmetics and perfumes sitting on your counter at home can be classified as dangerous goods. No matter the use, hazardous materials must be handled with care. There are special regulations and procedures with which to comply when these goods are shipped by air, ground, rail, and sea. In this paper, we highlight the principal regulations as well as provide a step-by-step guide to shipping hazardous materials in a manner that’s safe and compliant with all regulations.


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          » Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Materials:

Considerations in Packaging Selection


A big risk in shipping temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological products, and certain chemicals throughout the supply chain is potential product loss or adulteration due to temperature excursions or package damage. According to the World Health Organization, over half of all vaccines worldwide are destroyed because of freeze damage. This paper offers guidance for selecting the right packaging solutions for products requiring thermal protection.


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