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 Dangerous Goods White Paper: Shipping Hazardous Materials

Shipping Hazardous Materials:
A How-To Guide to Compliance

Hazardous materials are essential to our economy. These materials include everything from paints and batteries to explosives and caustic chemicals to infectious substances. Even some of the cosmetics and perfumes sitting on your counter at home can be classified as dangerous goods. No matter the use, hazardous materials must be handled with care. There are special regulations and procedures with which to comply when these goods are shipped by air, ground, rail, and sea. In this paper, we highlight the principal regulations as well as provide a step-by-step guide to shipping hazardous materials in a manner that’s safe and compliant with all regulations.


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White Paper: Don't Do Business with Brokers or Distributors

Don't Do Business With Brokers or Distributors:
Finding a Hybrid Supplier


Manufacturers and distributors play different roles in the markets they serve. A manufacturer's main role is to create or assemble the product. A distributor helps get the product to the right places. Both are important activities, but both of these parties can create inefficiency in the supply chain. The refrain "a distributor is just another mouth to feed" reflects some of this inefficiency. In some industries, however, another type of player called a "hybrid supplier" has emerged. Hybrid suppliers partner up well with manufacturers, addressing their limitations, and offer additional benefit to customers. This paper elaborates on the hybrid model and shows how hybrid suppliers can add tremendous value to a company's supply chain and bottom line.


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 White Paper - Reducing Total Inventory Cost

Reducing Total Inventory Cost:
A Roadmap to Higher ROI

Inventory represents a significant investment at many companies. While effective inventory strategies can elevate a company’s performance, inventory is often misunderstood and under-measured. This paper identifies three simple questions that can be used to help reduce inventory investment without risking profit dollars. Thinking through these three questions – on inventories of raw materials, packaging, and finished goods – can yield improvements in inventory return-on-investment.


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White Paper - Supply Chain Excellence

Partnering for Supply Chain Excellence:
Three Simple Tests to Improve Performance

Supply chain performance is correlated with a company’s overall financial performance. Finding the right supplier partners is a critical element in pursuing supply-chain excellence. There are three tests that help evaluate your current suppliers and consider new ones. These tests will help you achieve supply chain excellence and better company performance overall.


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 White Paper - Embracing Sustainability in Packaging

Embracing Sustainability:
A Framework for Green Packaging

Sustainability has gone mainstream. Consumers, retailers, and manufacturers are embracing sustainability as a social and business cause. Yet sustainability is a complex topic, and it’s sometimes hard to know the best path to forge. This paper reviews a simple way to put sustainability into the right strategic context at your company, and it outlines a comprehensive menu of sustainability tactics that can be put into effect for packaging. Ultimately, delivering sustainable solutions and delivering excellent business results can go hand in hand with a well-designed roadmap and supportive partners.


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