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Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System

What are the benefits of Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System?



Unlike larger installed or bench-top models, the Sturdeeseal® System's small size allows the unit to be easily carried. The Torque System also comes with a foam-lined plastic carrying/storage case to protect it while it is not being used.


Economic Torque Testing

The affordability of this product allows you to ensure torquing specifications are met without the investement of more expensive equipment.


Torque Smooth-Finish Caps

The rubber inserts on the adapter create enough friction to allow closures with smooth finishes to be torqued. 




Easy-to-use Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System takes the guess-work out of closure application. Product allows users to properly secure closures at the correct degree of torque to ensure a proper seal.

Unlike large bench-top torque measuring devices, this system is lightweight, portable, easy to store, and more economical. The closure adapter is made of durable Delrin with an aluminum frame and textured stainless steel adjuster.

Unit comes with 2 sets of interchangeable inserts to accommodate closure sizes ranging from 20 mm -70 mm. The rubber inserts allow the SturdeeSeal® Closure Torque System to be used for both smooth finish and ribbed closures.

Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System
(Adapter and Wrench)