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Temperature Controlled Packaging

Temperature Controlled Packaging


Berlin Dangerous Goods has a No Worry solution
for your Temperature Controlled Packaging needs


We have provided temperature controlled packaging since 1995.  We work with highly sophisticated customers in some of their most critical applications.  Our experts offer you the right product at the right price at the right time with the right certifications. 


Solutions to Fit You


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical, biotech, and life sciences
  • Laboratory and research
  • High-purity chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Adhesives


  • Human & animal specimen shipments
  • Clinical trial shipments
  • High value product shipments
  • Reference standards shipments
  • Prescription drug delivery
  • Vaccine delivery


Full spectrum of thermal protection


We have pre-qualified solutions designed to maintain your product’s integrity. Whether your need is for frozen, refrigerated or ambient thermal performance we have you covered.


Custom-designed solutions   


Our dedicated engineers can create custom thermal and UN packaging that meets your exact needs.  We design with your product in mind; reviewing packaging and component costs, dimensional weight, ease of use, and overall packaging performance. 


Robust, quick testing   


We quickly and accurately perform thermal profiling to the ISTA 7D and 7E standards (summer and winter profiles) as well as conduct UN and DOT tests for specification packaging in our in-house testing lab. We also use a third-party testing lab for certification.


No worries!


Work with Berlin Dangerous Goods for:


  • Unified solutions with the best elements of UN and temperature controlled packaging
  • No-charge pre-qualification testing in exchange for your packaging business
  • In-depth regulatory knowledge of your market and applications
  • Expertise in your market and applications
  • Speed to market with a tight supply chain
  • Reliable delivery of your packaging
  • Trusted product performance and comfort knowing our aim is to thrill you