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DOT-SP 9168 Special Permit Shipping Package    


DOT-SP 9168 Special Permit Packages are designed, tested, and certified for shipping Packing Group I, II, and III Hazardous Materials.


The Special Permit authorizes the transportation of certain hazardous materials, specified within the special permit, without hazard labels or placards. The inner container quantity limits must be less than or equal to 1 liter for liquids and 2.85 kilograms for solids.


The package is also tested and certified to a 4GV variation mark for shipping hazardous materials with specification packaging. There are three different styles of DOT-SP 9168 Special Permit packages, enabling a wide variety of inner packaging usage.


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Our kits are available in both convenience packs for smaller quantities and to reduce storage and full or half pallets for larger usage.


Our DOT-SP 9168 kits are equivalent to DOT-SP 8249, 10672, 10977, 11248, and 13355.


Glass and plastic bottles are available; inner container volumes offered are:


  • 8 oz. (250 ml) or less
  • 16 oz. (500 ml) or less
  • 32 oz. (1 L) or less



Packaging options include: 


  • complete shipping systems with primary containers included,
  • packaging without bottles for users with their own primary containers, and
  • packaging without bottles and absorbent for users shipping solids or using vermiculite loose absorbent. 


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