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Pre-Cleaning Services

All precleaned containers are supplied with caps attached. We offer a wide variety of bottle and closure combinations. Please contact us at 800.413.8867 for more information on the bottle/closure/cleaning service combination best suited to your application and for part numbers, pricing, and lead times.

We can pre-clean your bottles


Cleaning Procedures

    • Containers are cleaned for Total Organic Carbons to less than <20 ppb or <10 ppb depending on customer requirements.
    • This process removes same contaminants as V&I plus any particles that are stuck and cannot be blown out with air.
    • Containers are cleaned based on OSWER directive from the EPA.
    • Containers are typically used by companies that operate large machinery, which require the oil to undergo various analytical analyses for environmental compliance and/or for routine maintenance of the machinery. Super Clean Bottles are cleaned according to Berlin Packaging’s QC procedures and meet or exceed the following specification: Less than 10 particles in the greater than 14 micron size per ml. 
    • Ultra Cleaned Containers are cleaned using a three step process in an ISO Certified Class 5 Cleanroom. Our rigid Quality Control test results demonstrate that the interior surfaces of the containers have been cleaned to a Process Level of no more than one particle of 5 microns or larger per ml of sampling fluid when sampled with 100ml of de-ionized water.


*Available cleaned & certified or just cleaned.


Vacuum & Ionization (V & I)


Contaminants such as loose dirt, carton lint, aerosols, and fine glass particles are removed by the Vacuum and Ionization process.


V & I Cleaning Process


  1. Compressed air passes through a condensate separator and coalescing filter to remove aerosols and fine dust particles.
  2. Next, the air passes through an absorbent filter to remove gases.
  3. A vacuum draws the particulate-laden atmosphere out of the container.
  4. Individually cleaned closures are immediately placed on the container.


Benefits of V & I


  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Saves time! No need to waste valuable time rewashing bottles.
  • Provides a clean final appearance. You will not find any dust particles floating in your samples.
  • Seals cleanliness into each individual bottle. Since each container is individually cleaned, they will not collect dust, flies, and other debris while stored.
  • Odor-free. The air inside the bottle will not interfere with your product in any way.