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Packaging & Assembly Services

Our value-added services for assembling your hazardous materials packaging include:


  • Counting, Bagging & Sealing Component Parts & Hardware
  • Inspection & “Re-Selection”
  • Kit Assembly
  • Label Printing including UPC Labels & Bar Codes
  • Label Application & Removal
  • Manual Assembly & Packaging
  • Re-packaging
  • Shrink Wrapping


Customer Success Story: Challenging Pack-Outs


The Company


  • A multinational biochemical and reagent manufacturer was shipping thousands of vermiculite-based packages internationally

Sample pack-out diagram

Sample Dangerous Goods Pack-Out Diagram


The Challenges


  • Long, costly pack-out times for existing packaging
  • Heavy packaging components increased freight cost
  • Customer dissatisfaction with product packed in existing packages


The Solutions


  • Creating a custom package that all but eliminated pack-out errors and reduced pack-out time by 85%
  • Changing packaging components to cleaner and lighter materials, pleasing their customers and major savings on freight costs, while maintaining package integrity and conformance




  • Customer cost reduction of over $5 million annually