We are committed to minimizing your risk and ensuring the safe transportation of your products. Our package testing expertise makes that promise a reality. 


What we doOur new state-of-the-art thermal chamber

  • Our in-house engineering services team will design and test packaging to meet your specific requirements, if stock is not an option.
  • We have the ability to do preliminary testing to validate performance levels before finalizing any custom solution.
  • We maintain all testing records (and can provide them to you electronically), reducing your administrative and regulatory burdens. 


Thermal control testing services include:

  • Creating custom thermal profiles for your product using our new, in-house, state-of-the-art thermal chamber.
  • Creating custom temperature controlled packaging - ambient, refrigerated, or frozen - that meets your exact parameters.
  • Testing packaging to ISTA, ASTM, and customer-supplied standards.


UN testing services include:

  • UN requirements*
  • U.S. DOT requirements, 49 CFR §178 Subpart M*
    • Drop Testing
    • Leakproofness Testing
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
    • Stacking Testing
    • Vibration Standards
  • Biological substances requirements
  • Limited quantity requirements
  • Excepted quantity requirements
  • Pressure testing for primary containers
  • Requirements imposed by other regulatory bodies, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and International Maritime Organization (IMO)


*See our Resource Center to learn more about UN and DOT testing.