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Innovative Solutions

Berlin Dangerous Goods offers unique innovation, creativity, and a genuine dedication to service that no one else in the industry can claim. We have worked with multinational manufacturers and shippers as well as small, privately-owned firms to minimize risk and ensure the safe transportation of product.


Our innovative, custom solutions help you by:

  • Meeting your specific needs so you don't have to force an off-the-shelf solution to work
  • Reducing your costs by streamlining packaging
  • Streamlining your shipping procedures by facilitating assembling and handling, further reducing overall costs


Reach out to one of our consultants to hear more about our innovative packaging designs and shipping solutions.



Custom Packaging

By evaluating performance, compatibility, and market trends our team is able to work directly with you to offer the best solution for your exact needs. 


Example #1

A customer shipping temperature-sensitive goods to Singapore needed a way to cut costs and eliminate unnecessary freight. We developed new, smaller polyurethane coolers and packaging kits that reduced the number of gel packs needed to cool the materials being shipped. Because the packaging dimensions and weight were reduced, the customer experienced bottom-line savings on shipping costs.

Example #2

Customers of a multinational beverage manufacturer were experiencing leaking packages when receiving their product via air shipments. Additionally, warehouse staff complained about the complexity and time it took to assemble the packages to begin with. We created a new packaging kit, eliminating four SKUs and simplifying the assembly. We also created a custom-molded, 100% recyclable tray for their inner carton.


Process Improvements

Berlin Dangerous Goods consultants work with you to streamline your operations. Our packaging solutions consider every lever, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Package assembly and handling
  • Best use of dimensional weight
  • Testing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Hand hold positions
  • Thermal validation requirements


Example #3

We increased a biological product manufacturer's net income by designing a central-location return program for packaging, allowing materials to be refurbished and sent back out to the customer's satellite locations. In addition to directly impacting the bottom line, this solution was also environmentally friendly.



Recent Innovations

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

In 2012, Berlin Dangerous Goods added seven new all-corrugate metal packaging options to its product line. These shippers eliminate the need to use EPS foam and make the entire shipping package fully recyclable. 


Our molded pulp shippers for bottles provide the same benefits to the end-user. These options allow components and cartons to be shipped unassembled, reducing shipping costs as well as reducing the needed storage space.


Tamper-Evident Chemical Closure

In 2011, Berlin Dangerous Goods created a polypropylene cap that can be used interchangeably on glass and plastic bottles.The caps feature a PTFE liner and tamper-evident band. The closure is compatible with 38-430 and 38-439 neck finishes.