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In Stock Today

Dangerous Goods stocks nearly 1,500 SKUs to meet your just-in-time delivery needs, supplying almost 4 million products to customers each year. In addition to our main warehouse located in Pittsburgh, PA, we have a vast network of warehouse locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Not only do we have your packaging in stock, but we are experts in inventory management. We make sure your product is up to your specifications. 


What does it mean to have Dangerous Goods manage your packaging inventory?

  • Frees your time to focus on competitive advantages and growing your business
  • Helps consolidate your SKUs by stocking multiple components and offering fully-assembled units shipped on any schedule
  • Delivers ready-to-use systems to help you reduce in-house assembly time
  • Provides you with peace of mind by working with your production and receiving schedules
  • Reduces your cost of capital invested in inventory
  • Reduces your cost of insurance, obsolescence, handling, and transportation
  • Mitigates uncertainty with supply and demand movements
  • Mitigates uncertainty in lead times