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Berlin Packaging is a Hybrid Packaging Supplier™

This means we are best-of-breed across manufacturing, distribution, and service providers.


Berlin Packaging is not a distributor. We’re not a manufacturer. And we’re not a packaging consultancy.


Instead, we’re all of these things at the same time. Since our founding in 1898, we’ve evolved to focus on and become expert in the areas that drive profit for our customers. As the only ISO-certified supplier in our sector, we are committed to excellence and ongoing improvement.


We’re equally at home designing award-winning closures, sourcing high-quality packages from overseas, running inventory and stocking programs, arranging financing, delivering to our customers with amazing timeliness, advising our customers on the latest regulatory changes, and much more.




Large scale and broad scope delivers low-cost and flexibility.


  • 700+ Packaging Suppliers Worldwide
  • 20+ Years of Global Sourcing Experience
  • 100+ Experts Dedicated To Procurement & Operations
  • 3.5 Billion Components Manufactured Annually
  • Unlimited Manufacturing Platforms




Vast, capabable network makes us reliable and close to you.


  • 90+ Domestic Sales & Warehouse Locations
  • 250+ Packaging Sales, Service & Logistics Experts
  • 150,000+ Annual Shipments
  • 5+ Million Square Feet of Warehouse Space
  • 99% On-Time Delivery Every Month for Over 7 Years




Compelling suite of solutions addresses your needs and unlocks profit. All Dangerous Goods customers can take advantage of these services.




Studio One Eleven


Package and graphic design and branding strategy

Consulting services to Enhance Earnings and Efficiency

Leading U.S. importer of rigid packaging components from around the globe




0%-interest financing to fund your company's growth

Packaging components delivered anytime, anywhere for anyone

Laboratory packaging and supplies